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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rotation 1 Lessons: Line and Shape

We have had a wonderful start to the school year! During the first rotation, students learned about line and shape and created artwork, which used those elements. Take a look at some of their wonderful works below! These pieces are also going to be used for the Square 1 Art fundraiser!

Grade 5: Mandalas

Students studied radial symmetry and created mandalas.

Students then applied their knowledge of radial symmetry to a project of their choice. 
Many students used items from the Game Center to make their creations:

Grade 4: 3D Initials

Students learned about 1-point perspective and created three-dimensional drawings of their initials: 

Grade 3: Paul Klee Haunted Houses

Students learned how to make complex drawings from geometric shapes and studied the work of artist Paul Klee:

The Castle and the Sun by Paul Klee

Grade 2: Organic & Geometric Shape "Onsters"

Students read the book The Monster who Lost his Mean and learned about organic and geometric shapes. They created Onsters or Monsters using these shapes.

Grade 1: Line Direction

Students learned about horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines and created landscapes using what they had learned:

Grade K: Line Kinds

Students learned about different kinds of lines, practiced drawing them, then added color:


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