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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Studying Color with Miss W.

Students across all grade levels have been studying
color concepts in art class this rotation with Miss W.
She will be leaving us for her next practicum placement
at the end of this week and will be missed!

Kindergarten started their color study by reading a book about the
colors of the rainbow and making color collages.

First graders are studying the artist and illustrator Eric Carle and creating underwater scenes. 
They first did texture rubbings with crayons, and then did a watercolor resist over them. 
Lastly, students drew and cut out warm and cool color fish for their scenes.

Second grade students are studying the art of Winslow Homer and creating seascapes. 
Students used liquid starch over pastels and then created boats using oil pastels.
(Student artwork coming soon!)

Third grade students are making cubes inspired by artist Sonia Delaunay 
and using intermediate/tertiary colors.

Fourth graders are studying the work of Matisse and his use of color and pattern.

 Fifth grade has been enjoying their study of found object sculpture and the work of Picasso.

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