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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Art Class Wish List

Just as I did last year, I am providing a wish list of reusable materials for use on projects throughout the year. Feel free to send in items piecemeal, or in large clusters. When sending in items such as bottle caps or plastic containers, please wash them first. As always, your help and support are greatly appreciated!
Needed items:
bottle caps (various sizes and colors, but no metal, please)
coffee cans
wood scraps
small sticks (Y shaped branches would be very useful!)
dowels of various sizes
popsicle sticks
address labels
plastic berry baskets
bubble wrap
large cardboard tubes
old CDs
coffee filters
cotton balls
cotton swabs
large yogurt or sour cream containers
masking/duct tape (empty rolls as well)
baby food jars
lids from frozen juice cans (these are not sharp like tin cans)
old puzzles
small toys (no larger than 1" x 2")
Items not needed at this time:
paper towel/t.p. rolls
cardboard boxes
egg cartons
cloth scraps
I will update this list regularly as our needs change. Because people were so generous last year, there are some items which I do not have room for at this time. However, this may change as items are consumed.
Thanks again! :)

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