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Monday, September 19, 2011

Square 1 Art Self-Portraits

Hello again Briggs community!

Here are a few images that I took today of the kids working on their self-portraits. I also wanted to clarify some questions parents may have. I chose to use the self-portrait lesson plan provided by Square 1 Art for this year's findraiser (You can see the examples provided by the company here.). Learning to draw through observation is a key component of the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks, and since we all love our children's little mugs, I thought this would be a fun project for Square 1 Art. Some students have been hesitant, but I want you to know that they have been supported every step of the way through encouragement and instruction. Students have also been allowed the opportunity to begin again when they felt deflated about a current work.

I began the assignment through reading the book Camille and the Sunflowers, which shares a touching story about Vincent van Gogh using his art as a gift, just as the students will do through Square 1 Art. We discussed the thoughtfulness of giving art and the effort one should demonstrate. Students then viewed the slide show listed in earlier post. When first looking in the mirrors, we made faces at ourselves and talked about how our faces change as our expression changes. We talked about using bright colors, finding the appropriate skin tone, and having a background that complements the portrait. These were all important ideas to consider when making any piece of art.

I am sure you will be proud of your children when you see what they have accomplished! Here is a preview:

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